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6 Tips for Better Online Dating Profile Photos


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As a photographer I’m always being asked what makes a great photo. The answer varies, depending if it’s a wedding, head shot, or an online dating profile pic. And since dating photos are my specialty, here are the top 6 tips for a better online dating photo. 

1. Trust me as your photographer. We are our own worst critics but it’s my job as a photographer to capture the “best you” and represent it in photos — making you look good is my business. And it starts with trust on posing for the photos. Many clients will tell me they have a “better side” and feel uncomfortable when I ask them to pose in different “natural” styles because “selfie-mode” is always top of mind. This is not a selfie photo shoot and I will find a balance between natural, stylish & sexy. Trust me.

2. Natural lighting: The use of natural lighting boosts the skin and adds radiance to the photos. (indoor and outdoor shots with large amounts of natural lighting will be on the agenda)

What to wear: Clothing that will pop on the photo (primary colors..think Red, Greens, Blues) and metallics also work. Black is the “go-to” color of choice for many women but it’s a known fact (and several studies have proven this) color will attract new dates & mates.

4. Make-up & Hair: Let’s get to as close to your “date-look” as possible. No one likes the bait n’ switch. Your photos should represent you on that first date. And for those who don’t usually wear make-up, adding a little touch will improve the end results of the photos — going on a shoot with no make up will make you look monochromatic which translates into you looking “washed out.”

5. Jewelry: Jewelry is okay but again, let’s reflect your first-date look. A signature piece is great — but let’s never overdo it. And if you’re doing a shoot with me, not to worry ladies, I’m there to help with these decisions.

6. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. On my shoots, after the first few test shots, things get a little more relaxed and the focus shifts from “Oh my, am I really doing this?” to “Oh, this is starting to feel good!”  And that’s when you know you’re going to have excellent results. My job is to bring out “your” personality because in an online dating pic — you only have one shot to stand out from the crowd.

Bonus Quote from the fabulous, Coco Chanel –“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Jan 27

Diving Deeper in DUMBO – My Photo Session with Mari

As a photographer I make sure my clients feel comfortable with me so they will eventually feel comfortable in front of the camera. How do I accomplish this? I get in their business. Well, in a more tactful way. I ask simple questions like  ”What’s your favorite restaurant?” or “What inspires you?” These types of questions seem to relax them.

In this photo session with Mari, I asked:

Me: What was your favorite memory about 2013?

Mari: Well I got promoted at work and that really made my year.

Me: If you have to move out of the city, where would you go?

Mari: DUMBO!

Me: Why?

Mari: Because I love Brooklyn and I used to live there previously.

Me: What inspires you?

Mari: That’s a good question: people, art and movies.

After those initial questions, things became super comfortable…we even crossed the bridge into DUMBO and continued the shoot, her favorite place in Brooklyn.

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Jan 23

New York Engagement Storyline in Photos

If you’re going to get an engagement photo session done — this is the way to go. It’s not your typical shoot, instead, tell a great story. That’s how I spent the day with Jennifer & Royland. If you’re ready to tell your personal love story — just contact me and let’s create something special.Jennifer Duke 38

Photo Jan 13, 7 18 13 PM

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